Wednesday, February 3, 2010 endangered species

Whenever i think "tiger" , the first thing that comes to my mind is whether my grand children will be able to really understand what inspired poet William Blake to write his famous poem ....The Tiger. Will they be able to see the 'fearful symmetry', just the way i try? Or will tigers be just the central characters of films like Jurassic Park, trying to give glimpse of what the animal 'was'?

Tigers, an epitome of power and speed derives its name from the Greek word tigris which is possibly from a Persian source meaning 'arrow'.They are charismatic predators and are totally at one with its home in the jungle.They are not just predators but are a key element of our ecosystem.

But the population of these animals are fast dwindling as a result of poaching and habitat destruction. The beautiful Bali tigers,Javan tigers, Caspian tigers are already extinct.

The greatest enemy of these fearsome predators is 'us'..the humans.They are killed for their furs or their bones or just for the sheer pleasure and greed.
It is a really alarming situation. We humans are supposed to be having the highest intellect.....then how come we do not understand the seriousness of the situation.
By saving the tigers we will be saving the very complicated ecosystem and in turn we will be saving ourselves.

Killing of tigers and destroying of their habitats by never ending march of human need and greed is leading to the destruction of one and only one species in the long run.....that is .....we HUMANS.


  1. Forget the grand children; I am quite certain that my 4 year old, and her peers, will grow up into a world where there are no more tigers in the wild. They will only know these magnificent animals in Zoos, bred in captivity.

    Human greed will ultimately lead to human destruction. And maybe that’s not such a bad thing. The sooner we are eliminated the faster nature can get back to restoring the balance. Maybe this escalating greed and avariciousness is nature’s way of making sure that the pests wipe themselves out.

  2. hi,

    thanks for leaving such a sweet comment.
    I am sure you can cook and are quite good at it.
    and this is so thoughful of you to write about tigers.Many such species are becoming extinct these days , due to the adverse climate change or deforestation or human invasion into forest.
    Ilish fish is one of them , if we don't stop catching up small ilish probably our children wont be able to feast it ..
    hugs and smiles